Cover Letter and Resume Development

Writing A Winning Cover Letter And Resume

In this age of online job applications and virtual interviews, a strong, concise, and memorable cover letter and resume continues to be an absolute must for career changers and job seekers. At DLJ & Associates, the combined talent management and hiring experience of our consultants adds up to 95+ years of experiences.

At DLJ & Associates, we tailor your cover letter and resume to your career objectives, highlighting your relevant experience and accomplishments. We work with our clients to research the relevant company facts to determine which organization’s culture best matches your job and career interests.

Cover Letter Tips:

  1. Do not use a generic cover letter template
  2. Write a different letter for each job you apply for
  3. Tailor the letter to the industry and the job
  4. Include the hiring managers name and job title
  5. Don’t repeat the information included in your resume; provide more details of your experience and accomplishments
  6. Highlight your experience and skills, not your education

Resume Tips:

  1. Recruiters will typically review a resume for only thirty-one (31) seconds before deciding whether it belongs in the ‘yes’ pile
  2. Is your summary or ‘value proposition’ included in the first section?
  3. Is your resume formatted correctly, polished, professional, and inviting to read?
  4. Is the breadth of your management experience acknowledged?
  5. Are your accomplishments clearly listed?

As a dynamic tool, your resume should do more than provide a compilation of dates and previous jobs. DLJ & Associates’ coaches know how to craft attention-getting cover letters and resumes that get results