Talent Management & Recruiting

At DLJ & Associates, we go beyond finding candidates with the right qualifications. Our staffing solutions take a comprehensive approach in helping business leaders discover motivated, creative individuals who will integrate seamlessly with a company’s culture.

With DLJ & Associates, you have access to a dedicated network of human resource specialists with more than 90 years of experience in talent management. DLJ & Associates will collaborate with your human resources department and hiring manager to ensure every candidate placement is a complete success for your organization.

The best strategy for any organization that is interested in retaining a high performing, mission-driven staff is to recruit the right people. You can recruit and hire the right people if you:

  1. Communicate the reasons why your organization is an excellent place to work
  2. Choose the right interview team
  3. Have a well-defined job description and know what you are looking for in a candidate to fill that description
  4. Remember that you are interviewing the candidate, and the candidate is also interviewing you

At DLJ & Associates, we collaborate with the hiring team to expand the search parameters beyond hiring websites, and to develop in-box activities that provide the hiring manager with additional information on the candidate’s credentials beyond the resume and interview responses.