Personal Branding

Networking And Relationship Building

Although modern recruiting often starts with an online job application, it is still essential to make the connections and build relationships that will get your application beyond the selection or initial interview step. Networking is valuable in building connections and relationships that open the windows of opportunity. The DLJ & Associates team will coach you on your three-minute elevator speech, how to network, and draw on all of our combined resources to aid you in your job search.

Personal Branding

Beyond the resume and cover letter, you must be able to sell yourself to the interviewer and hiring manager. What is your personal brand?

Personal Branding is about identifying who you are:

  1. What are your assets, characteristics, strengths, and skills as an individual?
  2. What are your personal values?
  3. How do you present yourself to the world?
  4. How do others see you?

The picture you present to the world is your personal brand; it implies your professionalism, self-confidence, and self-respect. The team at DLJ & Associates will work with you to develop and articulate your brand.

Ask yourself: How do I describe myself? How do other people describe me?

Linkedin Profile Branding

Resume Your Journey ™ consultants understand the importance of the passive job market – those individuals who are not actively seeking a new job. However, if the opportunity presents itself, they are open to listening.

In August 2019, the New York Times reported that LinkedIn has more than 645 million users, 180 million of them residing in North America. In 2019, a recruiting site asserted that 87% of recruiters search LinkedIn for job candidates. As we can all see, it is vital to have an updated, robust LinkedIn profile.

Our consultants coordinate with a communications consultant, Hooper-Williams Communications, to develop and optimize your LinkedIn profile. Hooper-Williams Communications has managed national marketing campaigns for national and international companies and has the marketing and communications experience to brand job seekers on LinkedIn.