Employee Relations Investigations

DLJ & Associates can conduct fair, prompt, and impartial investigations for employers.

Even though you may have internal resources for conducting investigations, there may be circumstances that call for an experienced, external investigator.

Examples of such circumstances can be:

  1. Actual or perceived conflicts of interest or other biases
  2. Issues that are sensitive or complex, such as sexual harassment complaints
  3. Issues involving high-level executives, or
  4. Your internal team does not have the time or expertise to take on a thorough investigation

DLJ & Associates has a team of investigators with substantial experience in employee and labor relations. DLJA’s consultants also have experience across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries, including but not limited to nonprofit, government, private sector, and academia. DLJA’s consultants are equipped to:

  1. Investigate complaints as presented to the employer
  2. Interview all parties involved in the investigation
  3. Record all information collected during interviews
  4. Conclude and make recommendations regarding the result of the investigatory interviews
  5. Develop and submit to the employer a final report including all notes and recommendations from the investigation