Organizational Capacity Building

Capacity Building is paramount in an organization’s ability to navigate change in today’s world. Capacity Building is the process by which individuals and organizations acquire, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs competently.

Change can be difficult. Change within the context of an organization can create disruptions that impact your ability to deliver the quality products and services your clients rely on.

Change Management is a structured approach by the major stakeholders of an enterprise or organization to redefine the way its processes are accomplished. The need for this redefinition can be proactive or reactive. This theory was made popular by Peter Senge and Peter Drucker.

  1. Proactive Change Management occurs when the significant stakeholders perceive that a change in the organization will be implemented in the future and has a desire to lead the trend rather than follow it.
  2. Reactive Change Management occurs typically when an organization is facing a crisis that, if mismanaged, may threaten or seriously impair its continued existence.

DLJ & Associates can help your organization with this process by helping you develop and strengthen your organization’s human resources to adapt and thrive in today’s workplace.